10 Best Deep Cleaning Tips and Tricks that will make your Home Sparkle

No one likes to clean, but everyone wants a clean house. Even if we do engage in some cleaning activity, it is largely restricted to laundry, dishes, and vacuuming. We find ourselves complacent doing our daily chores, what we forget however is that behind the outwardly pleasing appearance, there are areas in the house that is not paid attention to. 

Deep cleaning services tend to provide the ideal solution to solve all problems pertaining to areas that are often ignored, precisely speaking areas that call for deep cleaning services. Mind you all the house dust mite, cockroach dust and bugs do find a special place in the hidden corners of the house, attending to these issues will ensure your house is left spotless and sparkled, here are 10 tips to attend to the cause of deep cleaning services.

1. Deep cleaning companies in Sharjah ensure showers, bathtubs, sinks and toilets are thoroughly scrubbed. A multi-purpose cleaner is the most sought after option to assess this issue. Toilet bowls and sinks too need special focus and should be cleaned; the base of the toilet needs special mention because that is usually where all the dust accumulates.

2. Mirrors and window treatments should be cleaned; a little vinegar or a damp rag should be enough to cater to this issue. Warm vinegar is also an ideal option to clean shower doors.

3. Cloth curtains and bath mats must be cleaned in the washing machine. Plastic shower curtains also must be washed and replaced with new ones. Clean out under the sinks and inside drawers. Clear all cobwebs and un-clutter all that you don’t require. Don’t forget to disinfect handles and door knobs.

4. In the kitchen deep cleaning companies in Sharjah wipe down all cabinets. They Vacuum refrigerator coils and vent. They clean out the fridge and defrost the freezer.  Use new sponges to clean the stove and the vent.

5. Clean the oven and organize the pantry section in your kitchen. Deep cleaning companies in Sharjah go to great extent to ensure the microwave is cleaned and the sink is disinfected.

6. Take of all cushions from couches and chairs and vacuum the spaces underneath. Shampooing your carpets and polishing wooden furniture also cleans the hall area. Wipe all window treatments, ceiling fans and light fixtures. Dusting your décor and cleaning all the electronic items in the hall area will definitely leave a sparkle in your hall area.

7. Wash the bedding, flip your mattress and dust all neglected surfaces in your bedroom.

8. Vacuum under furniture including dressers and under beds.

9. In the closets remove all that you don’t need. Rotate seasonal items, vacuum carpets and ceilings, wipe down shelves and inside drawers.

10. In the laundry room, wipe laundry machines and countertops. Organize all supplies, Sanitize your washing machine, Mop and Vacuum the floor.

The tips and practices listed above helps in cleaning the areas of the house which are often overlooked. Deep cleaning companies in Sharjah make every effort to scrub out every corner to ensure you are left with a sparkling home.

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