Disinfection Tips for Absolute Killing of Household Germs

The Covid-19 pandemic has intensify the battle against common germs and bacteria. Well cleaning is the first step to cross this obstacle, however it’s not enough for killing off germs. You require proper disinfection for complete elimination of household germs.

Germs are present on every surface and they get multiplied very promptly while staying on them at the same time.  Diseases like common cold, flu, and other contagious illnesses are caused due to these germs. A proper disinfection in your home can be useful for containing these infectious illnesses from spreading.

In this post we’ll discuss some cleaning and disinfection tips for your home.

Where are the germs found?

Most touched surfaces are places where most germs are found inside your home. Although not every germ is harmful, but several germs cause many type of disease and infections. Interestingly more bacteria are found in a kitchen sink rather than toilet or a garbage collection box. Similarly a toothbrush holder in your bathroom holds more number of germs as using flush in your toilet causes a mist is sprayed in your toothbrush.

How to kill these germs?

Start the process by simple cleaning of your home with soap and water. Usually general cleaning is good for many surfaces, but frequently touched surfaces requires more disinfecting than often. You can select any of the product cable to function as cleaner and disinfectant. This is also helpful for if you desire to save your time in disinfecting bathroom surfaces and countertops. For soiled areas or areas with spills, first clean with soap and water then go for disinfection process just like experts of cleaning services in Ajman do.

Even your pantry items can be used for making disinfectant solutions. Use the following:

1. 3 teaspoons of bleach

2. 1 bucket of water

But avoid mixing bleach with ammonia or vinegar! This formula is useful for cleaning and disinfection of areas in your home. Just apply and leave for 5 minutes, then rinse and leave it for getting dried air dry or use a microfiber towel or a paper towel instead.

Also make sure wearing gloves while applying the solution to avoid bad skin reaction. Avoid breathing in chemicals and splash water to clean the areas after disinfecting.

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Another alternative are vinegars or hydrogen peroxide solutions which are not only effective but eco-friendly too. Hydrogen peroxide is reactive to many surfaces. Those using for the first time, ensure testing if discoloration occurs and if none, then proceed to use.

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