How to Disinfect Your Vehicles During Covid-19?

The outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic has made everyone more cautious about proper cleaning and disinfection of their houses. Many have also adopted a new hand-washing regimen and stopped touching your face more often. But how have you disinfected your vehicles?

As COVID-19 spreads rapidly across Sharjah and the rest of the country, it’s crucial to remain overly cautious with your cleaning and sanitization process. Hiring a professional cleaning company in Sharjah is proving to be a valuable option for ensuring the safety of your family and friends.

Here we take a look at some valuable tips for disinfecting your vehicle from inside without causing any damage to surfaces and materials.

How can I clean my vehicle?

There are a huge number of disinfectants available in the market for killing several viruses present inside of your vehicle. But the inside surface isn’t durable just like door’s handle or kitchen countertop. Also regular usage of cleaning products will cause damage the vehicle surfaces over time. Again it’s important to remember that many products can do harm to plastics, leather, cloths in your car.

  • Isopropyl alcohol for rubbing purposes and ethanol are useful for short-term use only.
  • Combination of detergent and water is safe and effective for use on every surface and killing corona virus.
  • Bleach cleaners are useful for unpainted hard-touch plastics like key or key fobs.
  • Using disinfectant sprays is highly suggested for cloth seats and materials.
  • Don’t use ammonia and hydrogen peroxide on any car surfaces.
  • Acidic chemicals like peroxyacetic acid will damage car interiors.

Several chemical based products are easily available for cleaning and disinfection of car interiors. But prefer using a disinfectant and not a sanitizer as later only reduce the number of virus present on the surface, while disinfectants permanently kills all germs.  Just like mentioned above having a professional cleaning services is a viable option. These experts tend to use safe products for disinfect, sanitize and cleaning purposes.

Where Should I Start Cleaning?

Most touched areas in your car can be counted at finger tips - steering wheel, radio and HVAC controls, and shifter. But there are few more where you must do sanitizing.

1. Door handles

2. Door pulls

3. Seatbelt and buckle

4. Keys or key fob

5. Cup holders

6. Air vents

7. Rearview mirror

8. Gas cap and release

9. Turn signal and headlight levers

10. Glove compartment handle

What We Do To Make Our Customers Safer?

At Tacleaning, we take every precaution to make sure everyone’s security and well being during these hard times. We’ve got all the latest equipments and methodologies to up our service levels for providing highly clean and germ free surroundings for our customers. If you aren’t comfortable talking in person, our team will do our best to help.

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