How to Have a Stellar Start in Your Residential Cleaning Startup

With busy lifestyles and social and work commitments lessening time for other things in life in general, carving out time for a deep home cleaning seems like a new year’s resolution; taken but never done. But since a thorough home cleaning every once in a while cannot be let go, residential cleaning services in Sharjah therefore, have become extremely popular these days.
It’s an opportune time for entrepreneurs to have a startup in this sector. Especially in the big cities, this particular cleaning service is going to command an incredible market share in the future, as more and more people are going to outsource or delegate to technology, time consuming work that used to be DIY once upon a time.
But beginning a startup in this area comes with its own set of challenges, which holds true for any business. True you may learn a lot during work, which is absolutely essential; but since this is a business to consumer model of business, and initial public review has the power to make or break your business, we highly recommend arming yourself with every piece of advice and knowledge that you can gather. Some such pearls of advice are given below:

Trustworthiness: The most important value in this business, is actively working to incite trustworthiness within clients towards your business. As a residential cleaning service, you will have to enter the homes and private lives of your customers; therefore it is imperative for them to be able to trust you. You can sow this trust early on by delivering quality work on time, friendly interactions with them, being upfront and honest, etc. More importantly, hire trustworthy employees. Any mishap by them can negatively impact your business.

Gather Knowledge: As already mentioned, since this is a B2C model of business (business to consumer), you need to be equipped beforehand with every do and don’t in this industry. We advise you to consult a startup consultant or someone already in the business, who can acquaint you with the same.

Friendly Interactions: this line of business needs a calm and patient entrepreneur. Make sure the employees you hire are extremely polite and accommodating. Try to please the customer, even if they are being difficult. For customer retention, this is very important as a customer will never rehire your service if the workers are rude.

Time Management: This is another skill that you have to master if you want to have a successful residential cleaning service in Sharjah. Cleaning residences is already time consuming work. If you get multiple bookings in a day then you will have to schedule employees’ lineup efficiently, dodging delays and overlapping. 

Practice: cleaning someone else’s house is very different from cleaning one’s own home. People may have certain directions that they may want you to follow. In addition, professional one-time cleaning requires much more expertise than random regular cleaning of one’s own home. Our advice is to get a firsthand practice session by requesting to try your cleaning skills on the homes of some people you know. Try to work according to the directions laid down by them.


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