Ways To Hire Professional Maid Service in Sharjah

There can be nothing more soothing than entering a house that’s exceptionally clean. Moreover it’s hard to achieve as many of the families have both the people earning to keep up with continually uprising cost of living.  Having extra hands to help you out with household chores, preparing meals and caring for tiny toads is what anyone could preferably look especially those having busy working schedules.

Hiring professional maid services in Sharjah can be useful option to perfectly strike the chores and full-time maid services is a fairly affordable and practical option. Also there is no doubt having professional maid is helpful for making daily household works faster & easier. If both couples are working, then the requirement for third hand support to maintain your household and kids becomes important.

Here’s a list of suitable methods for hiring maids in Sharjah:

Hiring through agency:

There are various agencies offering part-time maid services on hourly basis, especially those who find live-in maid is non-convenient. Here you can also have the option of getting individuals who work privately without any agency; however it’s recommend hiring a professional maid service in UAE that’s according UAE laws and regulations. Searching for professional agency offering maid services Sharjah can be performed through research as you’ll need trustworthy and reliable company for providing the services.  But remember to have a closer look at the reviews and ratings by existing customers. The best thing is connecting with previous clients to ask for their feedback in detail, and finally make a decision.

After the maid starts working at your home, give some time familiarizing her with house rules, needs and requirements. It will help in getting her aligned with other helps available; you can ask to get the same maid every week as it is also a preferred option by agencies to keep their customers happy and satisfied. Here’s a list of pros and cons of hiring a maid via agency.


1. Reliable: if your regular maid is not present on work then still you will get services performed by another maid. 

2. Privacy: suitable for those who did not like the idea of having someone else living in their home.  

3. Cost Effective: easily control your spends based on the needs and there is no visa/sponsorship costs. 

4. Flexible: you can easily change working hours or days according to your requirement.


1. Security: some people don’t feel comfortable with hired services, so be cautious for your own peace of mind. 

2. Consistency: sometimes maid gets changed meaning you require re-training with every change. 

3. Limited Time: you may sometimes require some more hours than anticipated

Full Time Maid:

Some families prefer to have a domestic help for daily works, and sometimes with additional works like baby-sitting and child care. But searching a maid yourself is relatively long process. The process initiate with selection of right candidate and majority of families prefer finding a domestic help from traditional sources including word-of-mouth and community notice boards at public places. Another option is searching the classified sections of niche forums. 

Many families already having full-time help for several years desperately search for good homes if and when they require leaving the country and such maids are preferable since they come with a dependable reference. And now have a look at the pros and cons of having a full-time maid:


1. Consistent: regularly present within the home. 

2. Reliable: you have full control on your maid’s activities. 

3. Dedicate Time: with somebody helping you can have ample time for yourself and your little ones.


1. Costs: you need to pay additional apart from maid’s salary and allowances. 

2. Formality: visa, medical check formalities can be a burden initially. 

3. Privacy: share your home with a non-family member in your daily life.


Whether you are looking for a part-time help via an agency, or hiring a full-time maid; there are several glitches in both cases. Although there are number of agencies in market already, selection of trustworthy yet hard-working and reliable maid/helpers is not an easy task. It’s highly recommended not rushing into things and take time for your doing the homework properly. If you want a full-time maid service, check the references properly, schedule an interview, clarify expectations from the start, and try to know them better every passing day and why not? You will have a new member into your family, the better you know each other, easier the things will get for you. 

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