Ways To Say Good-Bye To Germs, Bacterias & Viruses After Illness

When cold and flu season arrives, it is pretty standard that germs and bacteria would invade your home. Be it any flu you may find yourself wondering what to do to stop these microorganisms from spreading in your living space. But once the siege is over, it is a must to disinfect the germ-harboring spots in the house.

The priority when you or someone in the house falls sick is to get back to normal health. Once all the symptoms get alleviated, it is good to opt for professional disinfection services. It becomes necessary to eliminate all the germs, bacteria, and viruses that still linger on any surface of our homes.

Important Place/Things That Requires Disinfection after Illness:-

(1) Door Handles:-

Washing hands frequently helps in curbing the spread of bacteria, germs, and viruses. It may not be possible for a person suffering from illness, as we all know that has easier said than done. To secure ourselves from such scenarios, wiping all doorknobs and handles in the house with disinfectant wipes or spray will work out may it be indoor or outdoor.

(2) Towels:-

The towel is an important thing that needs to be properly cleaned. Apart from towels all clothes that touch the body during illness, should be washed in hot water. If possible, using disinfectant laundry boosters such as borax or bleach for sanitizing the clothes will eliminate the germs, bacteria, and viruses.

(3) Bed Clothes:-

A sick person spends a lot of time in bed resulting in the occurrence of the possible microscopic living organisms in sheets, blankets, comforters, etc. Putting them in the washing machine in the hot cycle is the right way to clean up all the unwanted microorganisms. Giving a quick vacuum and spraying disinfectant on the mattress is equally necessary.

(4) Phones & Electronics:-

Touch screen gadgets are like miracles in the modern world. However, they are germ magnets on the other hand. Make sure to wipe down frequently your mobiles, tablets, keyboards, and many such often-touched electronic devices.

(5) TV Remote:-

When a person is sick, all he or she wants is to lie down and to watch TV. It makes the remote control a means of germs, bacteria, and viruses. Sanitizing the remote control with disinfectant wipes to reduce the chances of falling sick again is highly recommended.

(6) Kitchen:-

If you or any other person falls sick, it is necessary to wash all the dishes in very hot water. To completely eliminate germs, bacteria and viruses from this important place of the house. It is essential to clean all handles of appliances and sanitize the countertops and sinks.

(7) Washroom:-

When any germs, bacteria, or viruses wave rolls through, give a deep clean to the bathroom. Thoroughly disinfect the washroom, toilet, all faucet handles and other hard surfaces so that there are no chances of any microorganism that would linger in such place.

Dealing with the illness under your roof is never too easy, but following these cleaning and disinfection steps will surely assist in impeding the flu from spreading further. Before you start, try opening the windows and create a way to let in some natural light and fresh air. Use proper cleaning and disinfection methods until you get your household back to health.


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