Shawn Rhoden AKA."FLEXATRON", is a Jamaican American professional bodybuilder. From playing soccer in highschool to becoming a professional bodybuilder has become an icon in the industry. The IFBB Pro has numerous competition under his belt, as well as being an inspirational to many athletes. Like him our company-TOUQ AL YASMEEN CLEANING SERVICES joining & supporting 

The VIP-Group ofTouq Al yasmeen Cleaning Services gives support & assistance to the newly wed at the Al Dhaid Wedding Hall in Sharjah.

This is one of the best fitness gym instructor in MetroCity Fitness Gym Center in Dubai-celebrating their Big discounts sales at Metro city Mall. We Touq Al Yasmeen Cleaning Services support them their promotional discounted items for your health.

Touq Al Yasmeen Cleaning Services visit the Government of Dubai who governs the Emirate of Dubai, one of the Seven Constituent monarchies which make up the United Arab Emirates.

Shk. Rashid Bin Hamdan AL Maktoum-the Deputy Ruler of Dubai and the Minister of Finance and Industry of the UAE.He is the second son of the late ruler, Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum(1912-1990).and he is the Crown Prince of Dubai, give & support the big event in Metro City mall. Our company Touq Al Yasmeen joined them for this mega sale event gym fitness center.

The Government of Dubai offices giving them our service & support - one of the staff of Touq Al Yasmeen Cleaning Services.

The Staff VIP-Group in Our Company TOUQ AL YASMEEN CLEANING SERVICES joined and giving some services for the Government of Dubai.

Our company TOUQ AL YASMEEN CLEANING SERVICES, Sharing and giving services with VIP-Group to The Government of Dubai.

The VIP-Group of TOUQ AL YASMEEN CLEANING SERVICES gives support at Sharjah Expo Book Fair this year 2017.

The Dubai Ministry on their Flag Day 2017 we can give good service by VIP-Group for all the events, wedding & exhibition.

Our VIP-Group celebrating with Dubai Ministry on the UAE Flag Day.

Touq Al Yasmeen cleaning services company gives support and joined the big sales event at the Metro City Mall in Dubai- Gym Fitness Center event this year 2017.

Meet and Greet Motor City Signage introduces their Fitness Gym Center in Metro City Mall entrance-Our company TOUQ AL YASMEEN CLEANING SERVICES join & support them their Big Sale Events this year 2017, give the protection for your health & strong body built. Touq Al Yasmeen Cleaning Services provider quality trained, certified & trusted maids.

Cleaner of the Month, Touq is very proud to have the best cleaners in Sharjah, and Jackie is one of the best! She’s a Touq superstar!

Awardings, Every month we pick one of our cleaning teams who has stood out the most and award them the cleaner of the month title, as well as giving special bonus!


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